Ghee is different from Edible Oils and the difference lies on their ingredients , method of preparation and uses .While Ghee is listed in Chapter 4 of the Central Excise Tariff   (04059020) , Edible oils are listed in Chapter 15 of Central Excise Tariff . While Ghee is a dairy product and is made from milk , Edible oil is a viscous , neutral and non-polar chemical substance made from animal , plant or synthetic fat. Following differences may be narrated in Ghee and Edible oils .

1- Edible oil is defined as any neutral , non-polar chemical substance which is viscous liquid at ambient temperatures whereas Ghee is defined as a type of clarified butter which is made from milk .

2-Edible oil is made from animal , plant or synthetic fat whereas Ghee is made from milk .

3- Edible oil consists of mono-saturated fats , poly-saturated fats and trans fat whereas Ghee consists of high anti-oxidants , Vitamin A , D , K and E

4- Edible oil burns easily as compared to ghee whereas Ghee does not burn easily as compared to edible oil.

5-Edible oil has low stability as compared to ghee whereas Ghee has high stability as compared to oil .

6- Edible oil has a low shell life and cannot be stored for long whereas Ghee has a high shell life and can be stored for long .


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