Yogendra Kumar, the son of eminent scholar and laureate of Hindi Late Dr. Dwarika Prasad Saxena, is hailed as the “Man of many virtues”. He did M.Sc. in 1974 with Mathematics and LL.B. in 1977 from University of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) India.  His mother Mrs Shakuntala Devi was a religious lady. She sacrificed her entire life for the well being of her children. Yogendra Kumar got married to Mrs. Nidhi kumar on 15th January, 1982 who has contributed immeasurably in his life.

Yogendra Kumar  joined the then Sales Tax Department of U.P. Govt. as Sales Tax Officer in Nov. 1980 and rose to become the Additional Commissioner (Law) Commercial Taxes of Uttar Pradesh and retired in this capacity on 31st July, 2014. He played a pivotal role in the advancement of IT Infrastructure of the Commercial Tax Department of Uttar Pradesh alongwith Sri. Mritunjay Kumar Narayan, the then Commissioner of Commercial Taxes U.P. and immensely contributed to States’ concern on various issues relating to the Goods and Services Tax.

The Chief Minister of the State of Uttar Pradesh, in recognition of Yogendra Kumar’s outstanding contribution in the field of IT Advancement of the Commercial Tax Department of the State, has issued  a “Letter of Appraisal” on 26th January, 2017 as the State of U.P. has won the prestigious “Digital India Award” and “CSI Nihilent Award” of Government of India in December,2016.

Yogendra Kumar attended a number of seminars as Delegate and Speaker on VAT and GST; the specific being the All India Seminar at Habitat Centre, New Delhi in May’2008, May’2009 and May’2010 and at Vishakhapatnam in 2013. He also represented the State of U.P. in Discussion Groups of Empowered Committee during 2009-10 and participated in related discussions significantly.  Yogendra Kumar has authored  two books on GST namely – “Goods And Services Tax In India published in 2015 and Model GST Law InIndia –An Analysis” published in 2016. Both these books have been published by “Law Book Traders”, Meerut (India).  A  number of his articles have also been published on various issues relating to VAT and GST in “VAT LAW JOURNAL”, a fortnightly law magazine, published by “Law Book Traders” Meerut (India).

Besides his significant contribution in the issues relating to VAT and GST, Yogendra Kumar has also taken a leaf out of the books of his illustrious father and has also authored two books of Hindi Poetry namely – Pattharon Ke Shahar Mai” andAndhera Bolta Hai”. Both these books have been highly acclaimed by the connoisseurs and laureates of Hindi Literature.

Yogendra Kumar is still cruising ahead with his endeavor and as Sri Mritunjay Kumar Narayan has rightly said, “It is just the beginning. We will see his many more books in future”.